League Application - 2020 


It’s time to get out your tennis racquets and get ready for KCTL’s 47th season! 

Kitsap County has moved into Phase 3. This season will be extremely different from past seasons. It will be a shortened 6-week season starting July 11th ending August 15th. 

This year 

  • NO League fee 

    • no t-shirts

    • no single weekend tournament

    • no trophies

    • no end of season awards

    • If Kitsap County moves into Phase 4 we would still like to hold an end of season picnic. 

  • You MUST follow the USTA Safety guide to participate. If you choose not to follow the guidelines, we will welcome you back next season when the restrictions are loosened.


How this year’s league works: ​

  • The league will be divided into 4 skill groups (A, B, C, D Players). 

  • Each group will play at a different rotating location throughout the season. 

  • Players can choose to have a specific partner all season or can be assigned a rotating partner each week.

  • Every attempt will be made to make sure that everyone plays against as many opponents as possible during the season.

  • Players are not required to play each week if they feel their health and safety are in jeopardy. 


You must follow this each week to play.

  1. Inform your captain by Wednesday if you are available to play Saturday.

  2. Captains will assign matches, playing sites and court assignments for each team. 

  3. Players will report directly to their assigned playing site and court location.

  4. Arrive 15min prior to match start time.

  5. On Saturday, start your match ON TIME

  6. Warm up is 15 min maximum. 


Rules at matches (Saturday): 

<< League Tournament >> 

Singles and Doubles tournaments will run concurrently through the season. 

Doubles: You may specify your partner, or a partner can be assigned, if desired. 

  1. KCTL will prepare the tournament draw

  2. Each player/team will need to schedule their match with their opponent within the next week to advance. *Must not schedule Saturday 9am ~ 12pm during league matches


The league will not be providing tennis balls for tournament matches.


This league is not intended as an instructional league for beginners.

Applicants must be age 17 or older and play at an Intermediate level (2.5) as a minimum.


USTA Guideline 

Read from page 3 "Playing Tennis Safely Tips and Recommendations"

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