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Our Mission


The Kitsap County Tennis League (KCTL) is a summer recreational league intended to provide you with the opportunity to play tennis, and become acquainted with others in the community who also enjoy the sport. While players are assigned to teams, and match scores and team standings are recorded; the goal of the league is to provide competitive matches for players of all levels by attempting to match players against players of similar skills. Good sportsmanship and courtesy to your opponents and your teammates is essential at all times.

League Play


League sign-up begins in mid-May, and continues through the start of play around mid-June.

Your entry fee for KCTL is one of the great bargains of the summer, entitling you to tennis throughout the summer on Saturday mornings at 9:00am at public courts around the county. The league will provide you with tennis balls, a league T-shirt, and a year-end picnic (see photo at right). There will also be a mid-season tournament open to league members only. 

Players are divided up into teams (6 teams last year with around 17 players per team) consisting of players categorized as Advanced, High Intermediate, intermediate - with a primary goal of creating equally skilled teams. Opposing team Captains will pair players of similar skill levels for team matches. Most matches will be doubles matches in order to make best use of available courts.

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