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**KCTL Member Only**



KCTL Singles League Tournament


KCTL Doubles League Tournament





Registration is CLOSED


2022 Tournament dates.png

Location: Central Kitsap High School Tennis Courts

  • First two rounds of both Singles and Doubles Brackets during the Tournament dates above. 

  • The remainder matches will run concurrently throughout July 2022. 

  • Each match-up will have up to 7 days to be completed to advance to the next round. 

  • All matches must be completed by JULY 31, 2022 


KCTL 2022 Tournament Regulations:

  • You must be registered for the KCTL 2022 Season and agree to Code of Conduct and Waiver.

  • All entries will play a minimum of two matches

  • Top finishers in each division receive T-shirt; First Place is long sleeve Dry Fit (must have >= 4 contestants in each division or division will be combined with next higher level)

  • No refunds for tournament fee. However you can find a sub to take your place (first round only) 

  • Players cannot schedule Tournament Matches during regularly scheduled Team Matches

  • If you are unavailable to play, you must notify the Tournament director before the draw. 

  • Default: Grace period is 15 min.

  • Warm-up time: 7 min.

  • Tournament Director reserves the right to move any player to the appropriate level or to make any changes necessary.

  • If you don't have a partner, let us know and we might be able to help you find one.



  1. Best of 3 sets,

  2. Regular scoring (play out deuces)

  3. Switch sides after odd games and between sets.


You must agree to these conditions to enter the Tournament:

Tournament Director:

Bob Johnston

2022 Tournament Fee.png
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